What Will Happen In 1 GOOGOL Years From Now?

Please remember, these are just my assumptions. Everything may happen in a completely different way.
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What Will Happen In 1 GOOGOL Years From Now?
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  1. TheRobloxLoaf YT

    TheRobloxLoaf YTPred 6 minútami

    And yet we created Star wars and they discovered more then us humans.

  2. TheRobloxLoaf YT

    TheRobloxLoaf YTPred 11 minútami

    Googol 😂🤣

  3. Ramy Wahid

    Ramy WahidPred 3 hodinami

    Dont worry you are silly that's silly I'm not scared because God will save us

  4. Gacha Angéł playz

    Gacha Angéł playzPred 4 hodinami

    Please don’t be true 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I’m crying in bed

  5. Gacha Angéł playz

    Gacha Angéł playzPred 4 hodinami

    I 1 GOOGL years from now... iPhone 816373784949392772738949474646646466465646890202029273764664656565467474747473883839292010010192334746656566566464644737737282829010101029828374664656565948675248789946443667”3”7647323”37333733334”67”6474476272”8843”2992393333939494887677785802948477575849020384

  6. David Estrada

    David EstradaPred 6 hodinami

    Stop scaring us fucking robot

  7. Lion puppet

    Lion puppetPred 7 hodinami

    I will go to school tommorow xD

  8. jccdsa fun

    jccdsa funPred 10 hodinami

    Even horror movies haven't given me the scare like this video did......

  9. Dank Memer

    Dank MemerPred 12 hodinami

    The universe will be gone in the next 17.3 trillion years, so this is not even probable

  10. Cristiano Sandor

    Cristiano SandorPred 13 hodinami


  11. FireMage Gamer

    FireMage GamerPred 15 hodinami

    This is how many times he said The End ↓

  12. Beybroboys Tv

    Beybroboys TvPred 18 hodinami

    This is fake god takes care of us and will keep things things

  13. Cece Hurndon

    Cece HurndonPred 19 hodinami

    I can’t be the only one who didn’t know what googol was 💀

  14. Ramona Blevins

    Ramona BlevinsPred 19 hodinami

    0:20 and apprently they all have the same voice as the narrator

  15. Qais Abu Saleh

    Qais Abu SalehPred 20 hodinami

    WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN 7474737373737463737283847473823873363772 28374733837473737743773464637373737733637464656473 +337463737473737373 YEARS FROM NOW

  16. Anthony Walker

    Anthony WalkerPred 20 hodinami

    This made me think what is the real reason we are here and how long have we got Untill we can't do what we need to do anymore

  17. Krystle Bridges

    Krystle BridgesPred 21 hodinou

    What I learn in school o.1% what I learn on youtube 99.9%

  18. Ayden Ngo

    Ayden NgoPred 21 hodinou

    I hope you guys know this but than all the elements combine together and creates another Big Bang and this keeps happening forever

  19. Sonicgott

    SonicgottPred dňom

    Be glad that you are mortal.

  20. Oliwer Puszcz

    Oliwer PuszczPred dňom

    I'm just frightend of this stuff death I'm scared to think about it what will happen to us the earth the galaxy

  21. Cool Guy

    Cool GuyPred dňom

    1 googol years from now... Apple: WE ARE OFFICIALLY LAUNCHING THE IPHONE 186364483715392639273719273810973747828277378919938737466473881929983848389192948757663200293949847579999938389291929 Xgsi Pro Infinity Max. This phone has 146386272861628199192674829185273992629362936208384837820018272737382929 cameras with a 10737298746368900282983747479191 Micro Pixel unicorn pee display! Apple fans: Yeah imma switch to Samsung now... Samsung: We have launched the Samsung Galactic Galaxy Note 9039477572910298&75774838282829183848656491092874747289100 with 3000091982819298288180101000203874888919287466477910 cameras Samsung and people who “switched to Samsung”: Imma just get the first BlackBerry ever made

  22. Baby Goat is over 9000!!!

    Baby Goat is over 9000!!!Pred dňom

    But harambe will live in our non existent heart

  23. Dame

    DamePred dňom

    Unless blackholes lead to other Universes.

  24. Hanuyvuraj Bhalla

    Hanuyvuraj BhallaPred dňom

    No cap im happy to die

  25. Los Rojas Brothers YT

    Los Rojas Brothers YTPred dňom

    In 5 googol years my wish order hasn’t came

  26. Roi Rachmiel

    Roi RachmielPred dňom

    You forgot the negative and positive dark energy....

  27. bhavaini caleoavain

    bhavaini caleoavainPred dňom

    Won't we omost be in heven

  28. PlebPolarBear

    PlebPolarBearPred dňom

    - and then the Big Bang happened all over again

  29. Allan Montemayor

    Allan MontemayorPred dňom

    What about 100 googol

  30. Insane Mang

    Insane MangPred dňom

    I dont even think the universe will exist by then

  31. GAMER JI

    GAMER JIPred dňom


  32. urjs

    urjsPred dňom

    There should be a Universe Chapter 2 after everything disappears

  33. Pötatô NüBź

    Pötatô NüBźPred dňom

    The beggining of the end wha-

  34. Scratched Surface

    Scratched SurfacePred dňom

    Video was great except "an habitable place" which made me opposite mm yes

  35. Hayden T

    Hayden TPred dňom

    How dose this guy know. He was probably bored one day looked sh*t up on a dumb website "its perfect"

  36. FAngton 2425262

    FAngton 2425262Pred dňom

    Tomorrow is 28

  37. E gamer

    E gamerPred dňom

    But actualy people in the future will not just stand and cry they will do some thing maybe humman is not yet destined to be exthinc

  38. Sasha Stevic

    Sasha StevicPred 2 dňami

    In 1 googel years It will be school


    DEAD GAMINGPred 2 dňami

    theres nothing more and even nothing is no more my god those words

  40. Sasha Stevic

    Sasha StevicPred 2 dňami

    These kind of videos scare me but i keep watching them

  41. Ryan Ewing

    Ryan EwingPred 2 dňami

    (The New beginnings) The negative energy lost all food, and it's losing every energy it has in perfect darkness in the universe. It vacuumed itself into the center of the universe, forming negative mass, positive mass, and radiative mass that supported, formed a megasphere. The sphere was way too big, the megasphere is unstable, it imploded, then exploded like the new big bang. Species as advanced Scientists says this is a young universe that's expanding. Humans will exist, Earth will exist. The negative energy predicts laws of every time. Time may work differently like if there's a paradox had happened.

  42. demon queen

    demon queenPred 2 dňami

    I'm afraid to doe yet to know everything well die makes me feel better

  43. Stavros Athienitis

    Stavros AthienitisPred 2 dňami

    This is fake - The real GOD NEVER MAKES THE HUMAN! EXTINCT - Beacuse god IS the human...

  44. Melissa Brannam

    Melissa BrannamPred 2 dňami

    Between this dudes voice and the description this was creepy to watch. 😆

  45. BlackpinkBlink

    BlackpinkBlinkPred 2 dňami


  46. Ding Dong

    Ding DongPred 2 dňami

    I didn’t know this channels name has a “d” but it has three of them.

  47. AXG_ LoRd

    AXG_ LoRdPred 2 dňami

    I want your voice rn

  48. Evade Gray

    Evade GrayPred 2 dňami

    Best outro ever

  49. Darren

    DarrenPred 2 dňami

    The sun 5 billion years later: So anyway I started blasting

  50. Darklight Yt

    Darklight YtPred 17 hodinami


  51. MemeChip

    MemeChipPred 2 dňami


  52. Ernesto Elskamp

    Ernesto ElskampPred 2 dňami

    The big bang happens again

  53. gentlemen.

    gentlemen.Pred 2 dňami

    Guys just set your computer date to 9999 so we can see a long time into the future.

  54. Donald Williams

    Donald WilliamsPred 2 dňami

    Not fair I want to live for every!!!!!!,!,!

  55. Holy Water

    Holy WaterPred 2 dňami

    What if all the people of the after life, after a few hundred years, what if we're reborn?

  56. Holy Water

    Holy WaterPred 2 dňami

    Im scared now- XD

  57. Alien from Area 51 we come in peace

    Alien from Area 51 we come in peacePred 2 dňami

    We will get reincranated to witness it we can remember who we are🤔🤔🤔.

  58. The Ultimate Prankster

    The Ultimate PranksterPred 2 dňami

    Welp, good thing I’ll be dead by then 🙏🏾😂

  59. jfilesgraphics

    jfilesgraphicsPred 3 dňami

    In the middle of all this nothingness, I'm walking around, contemplating my own existence. As I widen my eyes to view the impending darkness in front of me, I see a small, shiny object in the distance. Perhaps there is hope. Perhaps I am not alone in the universe. Perhaps there is a companion I can share this emptiness with. I walk closer...closer.... Oh, it's just Elvis' guitar.

  60. Shahatah Gaming

    Shahatah GamingPred 3 dňami

    Ur voice is amazing can you read me a bed time story???

  61. The_DankSmith

    The_DankSmithPred 3 dňami

    God in 1 Googol years be like: Well boys we did it Universe is no more! Bois??? Where is everyone and why is it so dark here!? *"and then there was light..."*