What If You Pour 9,999,999 Liters of Nitrogen into the Sun?

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What Will If Pour Bucket Of Nitrogen On Sun?
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Okay, okay. I got to go..... See You Soooooooooooooooon dudes ;) liquid


  1. XxcracxX

    XxcracxXPred 5 hodinami

    If I am so big to pour nitrogen then I will simply blew air to put of Sun🗣️💨

  2. Blues Rock

    Blues RockPred 10 hodinami

    If it was 10m it would be different.

  3. Dougie H

    Dougie HPred 17 hodinami

    Este video me hizo estúpido

  4. Luisaa

    LuisaaPred dňom

    How about we pour it on the earth, and not worry about the water eveporating for another 3,000 or more years?

  5. Severing Zeus691

    Severing Zeus691Pred dňom

    Riddle: 122 degrees F you can’t walk out side people who live in Arizona Florida Australia and other hot places

  6. KnownAsZee

    KnownAsZeePred dňom

    What would happen if everyone on earth fell asleep for exactly 24 hr

  7. Justin

    JustinPred 2 dňami

    4 ,000,000,000°C (4 billion °C) is *NOT* 39,000,000,000°F (39 billion °F). It's 7,200,000,032°F (7 billion, 200 million, 32°F). That's an automatic dislike to this video and me unsubscribing from this channel. This channel is full of bs nonsense.


    FBI OPEN UPPred 2 dňami

    Lol 50C is temperature we played cricket outside... White people are weak AF😂

  9. LightBlox KKer

    LightBlox KKerPred 2 dňami

    4:45 PHP phillipines peso of 500

  10. Flame

    FlamePred 4 dňami

    I got ad about nitrogen

  11. Andrew Geary

    Andrew GearyPred 4 dňami

    Hes saying quark wrong isnt he

  12. ONEeYeツ Ankit

    ONEeYeツ AnkitPred 5 dňami

    What if we accidentally drink somebody's blood

  13. Mimi Summer

    Mimi SummerPred 5 dňami

    lol the end my mom is always dissapointed in me when i ask crazy questions

  14. Wave Super Rabbit

    Wave Super RabbitPred 5 dňami

    Isn’t the Riddle logo the Beats logo?

  15. Jaiden Rivera

    Jaiden RiveraPred 6 dňami

    *Obsidian has entered the chat*

  16. Siegschranz

    SiegschranzPred 6 dňami

    I think you mispronounced Uranus

  17. the blitz

    the blitzPred 6 dňami

    Bulllll shittttt!😈

  18. Mubarak Abdul Rahman

    Mubarak Abdul RahmanPred 6 dňami

    Will add 1 litre to make it 10,000,000

  19. jacky Boy

    jacky BoyPred 7 dňami

    It is rude to disturb the Sun?

  20. Thutmosis7

    Thutmosis7Pred 7 dňami

    What if you stop talking bs for eternity?

  21. Joshua Snyder

    Joshua SnyderPred 7 dňami

    So what would happen if you dropped 100 tons of chlorine trifluoride on the surface of titan...from a very very safe distance?

  22. mami khiangte

    mami khiangtePred 8 dňami

    Why dont you just do 10,000,000 litre

  23. Only slightly insane

    Only slightly insanePred 8 dňami

    I know 9,999,999 liters is a lot but that is literally nothing compared to the sun. I think that many liters of liquid nitrogen could only fill a small lake if the lake is about 3 meters deep. This entire youtube channel is complete BS by the way, I've watched some of their videos and I am honestly baffled as to why these obvious bullshitters have so many subscribers.

  24. Henal Yeet

    Henal YeetPred 8 dňami

    Plot twist: Riddle is SMART BANANA

  25. Ayla Timm Kroiss

    Ayla Timm KroissPred 8 dňami

    no one: riddle: what if your cousins dog floated out of a chicken atom and switched dimensions in the year 696969????

  26. Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeahPred 8 dňami

    Just pour the nitrogen at night

  27. RedWolf2009 !

    RedWolf2009 !Pred 9 dňami

    There no gravity in space so will that mean there would just be random blobs of nitrogen floating in space

  28. Ghuirm

    GhuirmPred 7 dňami

    there is gravity in space, everything is just in orbit with each other, remember our planet is hurdling through our solar system which is hurdling through our galaxy which is hurdling through the universe which is also expanding outward. but essentially yes there are blobs of gas and dust randomly floating around the universe

  29. RaiderFirst YT

    RaiderFirst YTPred 9 dňami

    Why does this SVgos channel has three d

  30. Huy082710

    Huy082710Pred 9 dňami

    Hmm… obsidian?

  31. Nefi Tavarez

    Nefi TavarezPred 9 dňami

    Riddle: Captain Nitrogen! Marvel: Are we a joke to you?

  32. Uncreative Name

    Uncreative NamePred 6 dňami

    Nefi Tavarez Yes

  33. Potato Salad

    Potato SaladPred 10 dňami

    Answer at 06:14


    TRIPURARI KUMAR JHAPred 10 dňami

    Rajasthan a part of india reach 55 degrees Celsius during summer and people live there

  35. Mshamba

    MshambaPred 10 dňami

    0:23 That typical american conversion error between C and F. Since when was the multiplying factor almost equal to 10? (4 Billion C is actually 7.2 billion F, not 39 billion)

  36. davidsirmons

    davidsirmonsPred 11 dňami

    LOL about the same thing that would happen if you put one drop of water in an industrial blast furnace.

  37. Brand Neg

    Brand NegPred 11 dňami

    Why dont firefighters use liquid nitrogen

  38. Liya

    LiyaPred 11 dňami

    the amount of ads got me hotter than the sun itself

  39. TSP2100

    TSP2100Pred 11 dňami

    The Sun is a deadly lazer/laser. SAMETHING

  40. Markus Lemerise

    Markus LemerisePred 11 dňami

    I like how he said uranus.

  41. Seafox

    SeafoxPred 12 dňami

    Just please do not believe such nonsense which has nothing to do with science. There more reasons why it is not true, but I will give you the most obvious one: Sun is not made from hydrogen, but from atomic nuclei of hydrogen. Chemical properties of matter are given by electrons bound to the nuclei. But since Sun is plasma, which mans matter does not have bound nuclei, it also means that there are no chemical properties of such matter. So they can't chemically react with each other to produce chemical explosion. When you put nitrogen to the core, it will be squashed (no matter its temperature) by gravity of the mass of the Sun added by the mass of the given nitrogen. Nitrogen atoms will instantly become nitrogen nuclei and only result will be that the Sun will get a bit bigger and a bit hotter, which would slightly reduce its life time. Sorry but there is no fancy ending to this weird idea. BTW nitrogen is commonly present in stars as it is one stage of its fuel from hydrogen to iron. If you want to kill a star, give it a lot of iron because iron does not produce energy when fused, it consumes it. That is when star dies, when it starts to produce iron.

  42. Platinum Key

    Platinum KeyPred 12 dňami

    6:22 thats just gokus spirit bomb

  43. Diago Fernandes

    Diago FernandesPred 12 dňami

    Horrible situation.

  44. Diago Fernandes

    Diago FernandesPred 12 dňami

    Of course BOOM!!!!

  45. Jacob Byrd

    Jacob ByrdPred 13 dňami

    4bln C = 39 bln F?!?! Did the people on this channel not finish 6th grade science? Haha

  46. Nauman Shaikh

    Nauman ShaikhPred 14 dňami

    Hago ad 😠😠😠

  47. Poseidon 314

    Poseidon 314Pred 14 dňami

    Now that you talk about those balls, what would happen if you paint them with the blackest black?

  48. Farid Muhammed

    Farid MuhammedPred 15 dňami


  49. auto lover@%%$&^$&^$

    auto lover@%%$&^$&^$Pred 15 dňami

    Why such bullshit exists. Comparing sun..... how to report this bulshit😒😒😒😒😒

  50. the atomic waffle

    the atomic wafflePred 15 dňami

    What if Neptune collided with the sun

  51. Marty Ollier

    Marty OllierPred 15 dňami

    Why not make it even 10,000,000 liters?

  52. Shanna Bananas

    Shanna BananasPred 15 dňami

    Wow. These are amazing! Thank you ❤❤❤

  53. Reggie Garnett

    Reggie GarnettPred 15 dňami

    I stopped watching 30 seconds in. If you can't get temperature conversions right, I don't need to hear the rest of the pitch.

  54. ItsCoreyLynxxYall

    ItsCoreyLynxxYallPred 15 dňami

    When y'all mentioned hurricanes you showed a tornado. 2 completely different types of storms.

  55. ML Bros

    ML BrosPred 16 dňami

    Fun fact:Word "Azote" is used in Serbian but we say "Azot"


    KILLER MOSQUITOESPred 16 dňami

    If you pour nitrogen in sun it will become a round obsidian

  57. Edward Foehring

    Edward FoehringPred 17 dňami

    Who thinks of these stupid ideas.

  58. Doctor Strange

    Doctor StrangePred 17 dňami

    Space Fire Fighters

  59. digital peer

    digital peerPred 17 dňami

    50c? thats 10 degrees less than we had here last year

  60. Thomas Betterton

    Thomas BettertonPred 17 dňami

    step joe: _______________

  61. Moist-Mike

    Moist-MikePred 17 dňami

    This is the dumbest fucking video on teh SVgoss.

  62. Rey Rommel Rebucas

    Rey Rommel RebucasPred 17 dňami

    No one: Ridddle: Afterall.....