This Will Happen on Mars by the Year 2058!

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  1. Scottish LifeTM

    Scottish LifeTMPred hodinou

    12 min video 4 mins of adds.... fml

  2. Sad Monkey

    Sad MonkeyPred 5 hodinami

    If we ever made living on mars possible, only the rich and the poor people will be there, the middle class will stay on earth, as the rich ones would provide funding to make developments , and the poor ones will get free tickets to spend almost their whole lifetimes working under the rich ones or the government for further development. The middle class people like me and you will get stuck on earth until the end arrives.

  3. Exfor Kush

    Exfor KushPred 10 hodinami

    I don't mean to discourage but state the facts.. ->Why go to Mars when you have Earth ->why labour creating life when you already have it in abundance for free. ->scientists ,either you believe it or not there is Natural BEING who owns Tangible and intangible things including you scientists hence the OWNER designed everything and He had a Reason to put us on Earth but not any other planet out there.. ->The rebels always have many petty excuses:(Mars will be used to save human species)what a nonsense excuse!!! Scientists do you know GOD who is the creater of all things- if He decides to end the world He can do it even before you KNOW it. 2058,,,and the other years that you are predicting the worse, MAYBE it is the period you as scientists and your financiers are planning to end the human race for your own benefits ->Here is my advice to you "know it all scientists" Instead of spending alot of time and resources for UNNESESSARY PROJECT(we have and we can do without planet Mars) use the same or less resource to create condusive environment for human in places on Earth such as deserts e.t.c and by doing so you will reduce overpopulation in some areas and make life easier for everyone.A good example to learn from is developments that have and are still being done in Dubai. Question: Between (A)the owner of project MARS and (B)the owner of project DUBAI who has the right mind/who is realistic of what is required to be done??!!! Here is my opinion: B- owner of project Dubai have the right mind,,,,,reasons> 1-The project is realistic and value life 2-The project solve the modern world problem of overpopulation. 3-The owner and financiers of the project Dubai are more likely to preach peace all over the world to avoid world war unlike the owner of project Mars. Finally,if God the creator of all things says yes then you will make it but He says NO you will move in a circle think you are on straight path...years afters years....

  4. Steven Hinh

    Steven HinhPred 16 hodinami

    What happen if we nuke the volcano in mars it will create heat and start water flow

  5. Nikki Kersey

    Nikki KerseyPred 17 hodinami

    Terraforming by raising the temp on the planet Mars, will most likely destroy any indigenous single cell life forms (building blocks) - which in my opinion, should not happen. We are born to Terra Firma. In all fairness to the galaxy, we should die with Terra Firma (Earth). Let life develop and rise on its own on other worlds. Without our interference, our arrogance and our violence. Whatever has brought Humanity to rise here... nature, God or whatever.... life on other worlds should develop without the invasion of Man. We've had our moment in the sun..... and we destroyed it.

  6. Sage Oldmann

    Sage OldmannPred 19 hodinami

    A launch to Mars in 2022? We aren’t even close to having the technology to go to Mars. Technological advances needed to go to Mars will take at least another 20+ years, more than likely 50 years.

  7. Roe Mantic

    Roe ManticPred 21 hodinou

    He's not smart. Watch my videos.

  8. Playingwith ADD

    Playingwith ADDPred 22 hodinami

    I woud die for it

  9. Edward Wilson

    Edward WilsonPred dňom

    If you are going to live on mars. You need to terraform the planet first, on the actual conditions you are going drive the colonists insane. Stop fooling your selves its not gonna work in the long run. Design ,built and send terraforming engines to mars before anything else.

  10. Celestino Diaz

    Celestino DiazPred dňom

    First you need to delovelop earth before you reach mars theres a lot of new technology may discovery and you can achieve one goal like the movie of total recall... Becoz if we proceed that idea more people will become mutated and deform in birth or become a huge failure even we succeed there is a consequence will be occured..

  11. steven watson

    steven watsonPred dňom

    Amount of ads on youtube, no wonder people use vpns, ad blockers i aint payin for premium when i can block them, or in this case fast forward 😉

  12. AlexFN

    AlexFNPred dňom

    I would

  13. Aziznorie Alraji

    Aziznorie AlrajiPred dňom

    No one can avoid death by it self even thuogh how they riches they are. Everything have soon to end your life.... and the eath as well.

  14. Gooey Bug

    Gooey BugPred 2 dňami


  15. Danny

    DannyPred 2 dňami

    Wait but wat about da uv rays and stuff

  16. royalscot41 Bott

    royalscot41 BottPred 3 dňami

    Long term reduced gravity and its effects on the human body, is an insurmountable problem which makes the colonisation of Mars unlikely.

  17. John Litsey

    John LitseyPred 3 dňami

    Beam me up 💯🤙🏼

  18. Isaac Wale

    Isaac WalePred 3 dňami

    Just $10billion.

  19. Seriously?

    Seriously?Pred 3 dňami

    excellent job asshole!! rolled a minute and a half ad into you video.

  20. John Stephen

    John StephenPred 3 dňami

    I will like to explore Mars

  21. Mark Salazar

    Mark SalazarPred 3 dňami

    Indont want to go to.mars..its ugly

  22. Curtis Burgess

    Curtis BurgessPred 3 dňami

    British making a law to over through the government peacefully lol. Guess they have had to many people turn on them

  23. Alzwe

    AlzwePred 3 dňami

    I would like going to mars 😍

  24. sugajoans 420

    sugajoans 420Pred 3 dňami

    There better be 10 million dollars of somthing up there.


    IVAN NEGAPred 4 dňami

    yes its true..spacex cancel it....but it won't stop NASA to abandon its project is still working progress....musk plan was is similar to movie walberg played the martian will not work that long due to extreme cold....while NASA plan is possible to be successful...they take the extreme engineer build city in crater by shield it with reinforce membrane is not glass but its people assume it like giant windshield for town....that protect its people and extreme weather... they called it the dome city

  26. SadCat

    SadCatPred 4 dňami

    war ||| the f word did you say?

  27. Fırat Turk

    Fırat TurkPred 4 dňami

    I am sooooo not interested in any planet without a good, strong magnetosphere... Terraformed or not.

  28. Yee Haw

    Yee HawPred 4 dňami

    4:59 NICE

  29. Quaylen Sanders

    Quaylen SandersPred 4 dňami


  30. Mini GameZ

    Mini GameZPred 4 dňami

    He is advertised nord vpn on youtube to China to watch youtube. So my thought is how the hell are they gonna find out about it AY smart marketing plans their

  31. Jamie Fox

    Jamie FoxPred 5 dňami

    It won't happen.

  32. Blue Bee

    Blue BeePred 5 dňami

    NASA: lets go to the moon * costs money * NASA: lets go to mars * costs money * NASA: lets go to titan * costs money * Me: we are stopping ourselves from going places that are not even ours

  33. waylon lewin

    waylon lewinPred 3 dňami

    when is 2058? how many year do we need to wait until we get to see it happening now?

  34. ConTex23

    ConTex23Pred 5 dňami

    Ok ok ok I got to go. I'll se you guys sooooooooooo dudes

  35. N Stewart

    N StewartPred 5 dňami

    Can we not spendthe next 3 minutes promoting some VPN service?

  36. N Stewart

    N StewartPred 5 dňami

    Can we not spendthe next 3 minutes promoting some VPN service?

  37. Rene Leblanc

    Rene LeblancPred 5 dňami

    I will be one of the first people: to watch the first people land on mars and die a horrible unprepared death with a 20 minute delay from a live stream on the internet.

  38. Candi Roper

    Candi RoperPred 5 dňami

    So means we can go on the dark web

  39. Jim Green

    Jim GreenPred 5 dňami

    With problems like micro-gravity, no place to go on your day off, no cure for cabin fever, a bright sunny day on Mars being a little better than twilight, no blue sky, no green, no animals, it seems to me way too much to give up. Also, alcoholics have proven that you can't leave your place of residence with the purpose of getting a fresh start. You're still an alcoholic, murderer, bad tempered, etc., wherever you go. A person's heart needs to change, not their location.

  40. Roger Young

    Roger YoungPred 5 dňami

    People are still people and the systemic problems of wanting to control everyone else is still in our nature. There will be crime, strife and difficulty, because mankind is flawed.

  41. ofn 600

    ofn 600Pred 5 dňami

    i don’t get the reasons why these scientists want to take over other planets where we shouldn’t even belong. it’s basically saying we’re going to end up hopping planet to planet once the one where we’re at starts dying. we should really just face how fucked up we’ve made this world already and if extinction is meant for us then we should really just take it

  42. Vxby

    VxbyPred 6 dňami

    New Life On Mars.

  43. Stitches

    StitchesPred 6 dňami

    downvoted for excessively long ad

  44. eric lee-knox

    eric lee-knoxPred 6 dňami

    Hell no

  45. Aine Mbabazi

    Aine MbabaziPred 6 dňami

    Can’t wait to go I love new places

  46. lovelyrosebw

    lovelyrosebwPred 6 dňami

    And that’s why we need to stay right here on earth so we don’t take our sh*tty problems to another planet ruining it, if we don’t care about how we treat our planet and each other on earth, what makes you think we’re gonna care on another planet, nope we need to stay right here on earth with our greed, hate, racism, sexism, homophobia, religious bs etc etc, don’t need to sour another planet with all that and ruin the beauty of it

  47. Joze Butinar

    Joze ButinarPred 6 dňami

    Why do you lie?it wont cost 10 billion but but for the seat you will pay 500.000.k so do your home before you start video

  48. The Amazing World Of Jag!

    The Amazing World Of Jag!Pred 7 dňami

    I feel that Mars should be unified by one Government/Union run by 1 representative of every country (like the UN) but that would run the planet so that other planets are run fairly using Earth as home base... well that is if we haven’t destroyed it yet! #teamtrees

  49. The Amazing World Of Jag!

    The Amazing World Of Jag!Pred 7 dňami

    Lol Mars One was a scam...

  50. Amy Wheeler

    Amy WheelerPred 7 dňami

    No thanks, I don't think we're going in my life time anyways! js



    40yrs huh ... funny how 40yrs ago people believed we would of colonized Mars by now 😂😂😂 if NASA cant do it you think Elon musk can 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😴😭😭

  52. Slav Emperor

    Slav EmperorPred 7 dňami

    One is certain, we cannot send to Mars only homosexual men/female. No constitution and political system will sustain peace at long distance. We need people of one race, culture, language, religion and fairly even earnings to do not create gap between poor and rich, because that's what create tensions, rebellions, wars and genocides at the end. And of course after hundreds of Years geopolitics of Mars will rise due to people living all around red planet. Some places will be better, colser to ocean, which more resources, some not. Exactly how it was (and is) on Earth.

  53. Legend plays

    Legend playsPred 9 dňami

    Why do i feel like in the near future people from Mars will watch this video in their recommendation in 2058?

  54. Poprevidentra 22

    Poprevidentra 22Pred 9 dňami

    4:58 nice 👌

  55. Royal Javi

    Royal JaviPred 9 dňami

    I wpuld leave earth even if i didn't want to

  56. V'GER Lightning

    V'GER LightningPred 9 dňami

    The OceanEarth, my greatest " LOVING HOME" for ever.

  57. Amela Damasco

    Amela DamascoPred 9 dňami

    Slipping out the advertisement so smoothly cause me to laugh 😂.

  58. Doug Dickerson

    Doug DickersonPred 9 dňami

    More like the first to die on mars

  59. Somaditya Sohini

    Somaditya SohiniPred 9 dňami

    If in future or 2058 even we succeed 1% of terraforming it to fully,,, I won't leave earth And don't worry these shitty hypotheses of bible or gita book is not true God doesn't exist science already spanked their asses when Catholics said that sun spins around the earth but late after Galileo made telescope and discovered that actually earth moves around the sun and this is where the true evolution of science and its truth came we have water cycle, climate and food as well as equal ratios of birth and death don't forget that life still existed in earth even millions if years ago when human were not even there and still now environment has changed only few 0.12% ,,, well we are thinking that earth is gonna be out if resources soon but not yet there is way more metals and other minerals or materials than you are thinking example you can make 2 million death star (star wars) with that amount of metal so it is likely that we can live way more than we all are thinking but its not meant that well will harm each other but Time is precious as we are slowly moving to recover earth to its former glory after huge catastrophic events in history by both humans and nature can't explain it details but this is all I can #Subscriber nice video though ,,#NoOffense

  60. The Gamers Bucket List

    The Gamers Bucket ListPred 10 dňami

    That was the smoothest ad i've ever seen. Well done lol

  61. mostafa Ashmawy

    mostafa AshmawyPred 10 dňami

    A Chanel named what if was talking about Nord VPN too